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Rideau Canal in Winter

Rideau Canal in Winter

Full-colour painting with light lustre finish.

Gold-lined white envelopes.

20 x 14.3 cm14.3 x 20 cm

Artwork donated by John Pryce in support of UNICEF Canada.
John's love for art began at a very early age as he discovered the great satisfaction derived from his ability to draw. When his family arrived from England John was eleven years old. He continued drawing and painting and eventually became an art major at the highly acclaimed H.B. Beal Tech in London, Ontario. Since that time John has worked and studied in Montreal, Chicago and Toronto. During his successful career as an architectural illustrator his work has been used for projects around the world. John's loose yet eloquent technique is the result of years of experience in the disciplines of drawing, color and composition used daily in the competitive world of commercial art. The transition to a career as a fine artist is an ongoing experience. John currently divides his time between painting and sharing his knowledge with others through his painting workshops.

Item Number UNE31778FC
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