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Around Christmas Time

Around Christmas Time

Full-colour painting with light lustre finish.

Gold-lined white envelopes.

14.3 x 20 cm

Artwork donated by Conrad Mieschke in support of UNICEF Canada.
A professional artist since 1970, Conrad was born in Poland in 1938 (to German parents) and raised and educated in Germany. He is a graduate from the Graphic Academy in Munich, immigrated to Canada in 1965 and works from his home-studio in Brampton, Ontario. His work is meticulously detailed, yet always with a spiritual undercurrent that draws the viewer in, to become part of the scene — and part of the artist’s feeling. The medium he uses is watercolour or egg-tempera, and although most of his work is done in his studio, he take extensive breaks hiking around rural Ontario in search of new subjects, new ideas and new inspirations. After the death of his wife in a car accident, he lives today by himself and enjoys most a hike in the country, the solitude of his work, or the company of his family and especially his two grand-sons.

Item Number UNE31773FC
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