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Play of the Season

Play of the Season

Gloss Finish

Unlined white envelopes.

20 x 14.3 cm

Artwork donated by Marnie Collins in support of UNICEF Canada.
Marnie’s love of Canadian landscape was fostered from an early age by the majestic mountains, rivers and lakes of Quebec. She was born in Montreal and spent some of her favourite times in the Laurentians with her sisters and brother. Her formal education in art and teaching was centered on colleges in Lancashire, England, the University of London, and Europe’s greatest galleries. Moving to Western Canada in 1982, she and her husband established a home and family in Calgary. Presently, she enjoys painting as a full time career after home schooling her son and daughter. Marnie’s acrylic artworks feature a variety of subject matter; landscapes, florals, children, wildlife, and scenes of Canadian heritage. She is noted for her strong sense of colour and attention to detail.

Item Number UNE14768FC
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